A to Z Am I the Jerk 23 | Am I the jerk for being honest with my friend?

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack is joined by Layla, May, and Hencrick as they decide whether a woman is the jerk for being honest with her friend.

You’re out shopping with a friend who is excitedly trying on various outfits. You both have different tastes in fashion, and your friend is trying to choose an outfit for an upcoming job interview. As your friend models different options, you notice that one of the outfits isn’t particularly flattering and might not be the best choice for a professional setting. You want to be honest and helpful, so when your friend asks for your opinion, you express your thoughts tactfully but suggest that the outfit might not convey the desired image.

Your friend looks disappointed and says that they really liked that outfit and felt confident in it. They accuse you of being overly critical and making them doubt their fashion sense right before the important interview. They feel like you’ve undermined their self-esteem and decision-making.

Now you’re left wondering: Were you being a jerk by offering your honest opinion and potentially affecting your friend’s confidence before a crucial interview? Or were you trying to provide constructive feedback and help them make the best impression?

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