A to Z Am I the Jerk? 26 | A Selfish Friend

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack is joined by May, Hendrick, and Layla as they share their opinions about the following Am I the Jerk? situation:

Your friend, let’s call them Alex, is always complaining about their problems. They’re always talking about their job, their relationships, and their health. You’re a good friend, so you listen patiently and offer support. But after a while, you start to feel like Alex is only interested in talking about themselves.

You try to talk about your own problems, but Alex always seems to change the subject back to themselves. You feel like you’re not being heard or understood.

One day, you decide to confront Alex about it. You tell them that you feel like they’re only interested in talking about themselves. Alex gets defensive and says that you’re being selfish. They tell you that they’re just trying to vent, and that you should be more supportive.

You’re hurt and frustrated. You feel like Alex is not being a good friend. You’re starting to wonder if you should end the friendship.

Am I the jerk?

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