A to Z Am I the Jerk? 31 | Would you be the jerk if you chose to go on the trip alone?

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Here is an Am I the Jerk situation for your listening pleasure!

You and your friend have been planning a weekend getaway for months. Both of you are excited about the trip, and you’ve made various arrangements, including booking accommodation and planning activities. However, a week before the trip, your friend has a family emergency and can no longer make it.

Now, here’s the situation: You have two options. One option is to go on the trip alone and enjoy the planned activities as originally intended. The other option is to cancel the trip altogether, as it doesn’t feel right to go without your friend, especially considering the circumstances.

Would you be the jerk if you chose to go on the trip alone, despite your friend’s unfortunate situation, or would it be understandable as you’ve already invested time and effort into planning the getaway?

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