A to Z OREO 24 | Would you rather have a friend who complains all the time or a friend who brags all the time?

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Xochitl and Jack play another game of Would you rather? with the question: Would you rather have a friend who complains all the time or brags all the time?

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10 thoughts on “A to Z OREO 24 | Would you rather have a friend who complains all the time or a friend who brags all the time?”

  1. Hello Jack,
    It’s a very tough question but if I have to check I would rather be surrendered be people who complain all the time than people who brag all the time. I think I am familiar with some people who complain most of the time. So I guess I would be able to stand it. Thanks Jack for this topic.

      1. Zahira Celia

        From my point of view.. I can’t bear the complainer or the braggart. so these are very bad qualities. I can also ignore the braggart and I will consider them as fools.. As for complaining always and a lot, it is a very rude behavior

  2. Technically, Complaining and bragging are both infuriating. They could drain our energy and changed our mood if we listened to those constantly. If I were to go for only one option, I would prefer people who brag compared to people who complain every day. I believe it is simpler to entertain bragging’s narrative from someone. I will observe their stories with minimum concentration, and at the same time, I can make a joke out of it. Probably, they won’t get angry at me as most of the scenario told by them were untrue. These people are just exaggerating those imagination’s idea in their mind. On the other hand, I might need to attend to people who like to complain carefully. This involve feeling and frustration of that person. I must avoid from saying anything that could provoke their emotion or action. Most importantly, attending to complain too often will add more negative value into us. For all the reasons mentioned above, I would rather be with someone who enjoy bragging Incontrast to people who complain most of the time. Complaining is just irritating..

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