A to Z Quick Tok 11 | 3 Chinese Proverbs

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In this Quick Tok episode, Jack shares three more Chinese proverbs that are also sometimes used in English.

Chinese idiom: 井底之蛙 (jǐng dǐ zhī wā)

English equivalent: A frog in a well

Meaning: Refers to someone with a narrow outlook or limited perspective, who lacks knowledge and experience of the outside world.

Chinese idiom: 纸上谈兵 (zhǐ shàng tán bīng)

English equivalent: Armchair generalship

Meaning: Describes someone who theorizes or discusses military or strategic matters without having practical experience or real-world understanding.

Chinese idiom: 对牛弹琴 (duì niú tán qín)

English equivalent: Casting pearls before swine

Meaning: Refers to someone who tries to share valuable or profound knowledge or ideas with someone who cannot appreciate or understand them.

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  1. Briefly,i have gone through this episode and i learned useful chanise proverbs with English translation. My reflection, for using language and giving advice we should learn these proverbs and use them in our daily life.

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