Idioms A to Z 18: Idioms in Nature 2

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In this episode, Xochitl and Jack stick with the nature theme looking at two new idioms:
to be down to earth 🌏
Many moons ago 🌕

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Intro/Outro Music: Eaters, song Dig Your Own Soul (eatersmusic2000)

2 thoughts on “Idioms A to Z 18: Idioms in Nature 2”

  1. Hello again Jack,

    I was so happy to see my question answered in your podcast so that it has encouraged me to send another questions.

    I would like to know when we use to remember and to remind.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Thanks a lot for sharing a bit of your time to teach us.


    Patricia Janaina

    1. Remembering is something we do for ourselves. Reminding someone is to do something for someone else. For example, “I remembered to call my mother on her birthday.” “My wife reminded me to call my mother on her birthday.”

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