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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Xochitl and Jack talk about fillers English speakers often use.

English language fillers are words or phrases that people use in speech to fill pauses or gaps in conversation. Here are some common ones:

Um / Uh: Used to indicate hesitation or to fill a pause while thinking.

Well: Often used to introduce a statement, express agreement, or to indicate that you’re considering something.

So: Frequently used to transition between topics or to start a new thought.

You know: Used to seek validation from the listener or to emphasize a point.

Like: Often used as a filler word, especially among younger speakers, to pause or emphasize a point.

I mean: Used to clarify or rephrase a statement.

Actually: Used to add emphasis or correction to a statement.

Basically: Often used to simplify or summarize a complex idea.

Well, you see: Used to begin an explanation or to introduce reasoning.

In a way / In a sense: Used to qualify or add nuance to a statement.

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