About Us

The Story Behind
A to Z English

During the COVID pandemic, Jack decided he wanted to start podcasting to share his ideas and have some fun with friends. Calling up Kevin they started producing episodes about their lives in South Korea. After a year of The Seoul Patch the two of them decided to focus instead on their expertise in English education. This brings us to the A to Z English podcast. A way for Jack and Kevin to continue having fun and talking to the world, they’re now happy to help you be better able to communicate in English.

Meet Your Hosts

Jack is a university English instructor in South Korea. In addition to teaching, he enjoys writing ESL course books, managing a coffee shop with his wife, and podcasting. He completed his Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in TESOL. 


After finishing his Masters Degree in Applied Communication, Kevin moved to Korea to teach English full time, and help his students to apply their communication through English.

He’s now using what he’s learned over the past 2 decades of education to help students around the world with A to Z English.