A to Z Am I The Jerk 07: Not Buying Your Step-daughter a Car for Her 16th Birthday

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack and Xochitl read another Am I The Jerk stories and decide whether the person is a jerk or not. In this episode, the man is wondering if he is a jerk for not buying his step-daughter a car on her 16th birthday.

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2 thoughts on “A to Z Am I The Jerk 07: Not Buying Your Step-daughter a Car for Her 16th Birthday”

  1. Referring to the story of buying a car for the niece and not the step daughter, I am here to point out that buying a car for a 16 year ole child is too luxurious in general. No matter how much the writer and his sister love their niece, a car is totally not a suitable gift for her. By getting such a lavish item easily, it will make their niece feel or believe that life is easy and she doesn’t need to work hard to get what she wants in the future. Furthermore, the niece can’t have a driving license yet.
    Specifically in this story, I suppose neither the writer nor his wife are the jerk. In the earlier part of the plot, he had mentioned clearly he liked his wife’s kids and he loved his niece. That phrase gave a clear understanding of his feelings. He loves his niece more than his step daughter. They are blood related whereas the step daughter is just someone new in his life.
    On the other hand, it is not erroneous for his wife to feel upset. A car and a bag are 2 huge comparisons. When the husband only bought a bag for her step daughter and a car for the niece, it would surely initiate an angry moment for his wife. Of Course his wife was expecting something similar to a car for her daughter.
    In this scenario, his wife’s disappointment is reasonable.

    That’s all for this time. Thank you Jack.

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