A to Z Am I the Jerk? 29 | Am I the jerk for not wanting to give up my dreams?

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Scenario: I’m a young adult who recently moved out of my parents’ home to pursue my dreams and gain independence. My parents have always been supportive of my choices, and we’ve had a close-knit family. However, my younger sibling, who is in high school, has been struggling with severe anxiety and depression, and my parents have been doing their best to support them.

Now, here’s the terrifying dilemma:

My sibling’s mental health has taken a significant toll on my parents. They’re constantly stressed and sleep-deprived, and their relationship is strained because of it. My parents have asked for my help. They want me to move back home and take on a more significant role in caring for my sibling, both emotionally and practically. They believe my presence and support will alleviate the situation.

However, I’ve worked hard to build my new life, and I’m on the verge of achieving my dreams and goals. Moving back home would mean putting my own aspirations on hold indefinitely. I fear that this sacrifice could lead to long-term regret and resentment, and I’m terrified that I might lose my newfound independence and opportunities.

So, am I the jerk for not wanting to move back home to help my struggling family, even though it means potentially neglecting my own dreams and aspirations?

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