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Title: “Navigating a Complicated Office Romance”

Dear Jack,

I’m facing a challenging situation at work, and I could really use some guidance. About six months ago, I started developing romantic feelings for a coworker. We work closely together on various projects and have become great friends. It’s clear that there’s mutual chemistry, and we often find ourselves flirting and sharing personal stories outside of work.

The problem is that our company has a strict policy against office relationships, and they can lead to disciplinary action or even termination. I’m torn between my feelings for this person and my desire to maintain a professional and respectful work environment. It’s causing me a lot of stress and anxiety, and I’m unsure about how to proceed.

I can’t ignore my feelings, but I also don’t want to jeopardize my job or their job, especially considering how important our roles are to the team. Should I continue to suppress my feelings and prioritize work, or should I talk to my coworker and risk the consequences?

I’d appreciate any advice or insights you can provide.


Confused Colleague

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