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Dear Jack,

I’m an ESL student facing difficulty in improving my speaking skills. Despite practicing regularly, I feel hesitant to speak in class. How can I overcome this fear and become more confident in expressing myself in English?

Thank you,

Shy Speaker

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1 thought on “A to Z Dear Jack 23 | “Shy Speaker””

  1. Hello dear Jack,
    Hope everything might be good.
    My suggestion for shy speaker are following:
    1. Listen more, watch English movies, and listen to audio podcasts regularly.
    2. Think in English
    3. Reading aloud also can help us to enhance our speaking skill.
    4. Emtating or follow shadow techniques
    5. Record your voice and then listen it.
    6. Having a partner is also essential.
    7. Beside the above tips, you should also participate different learning groups and apps.
    Thanks alot dear Jack for your podcast.

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