A to Z Games 01 | The First Ever A to Z Games Episode!

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In the very first A to Z Games episode, Jack reads three listeners of the show three stories from the United States. Some of the stories are true and some are false. Play along and guess whether or not the stories are true or false!

Story 1: The Lost Ring Reunion

A man lost his wedding ring while on vacation in a foreign country. Heartbroken, he returned home without it. A year later, he received a package containing his lost ring. It turned out that a local had found the ring, searched for its owner through inscriptions, and managed to track him down.

Story 2: The Library Connection

Two strangers met in a library when they both reached for the same book. They struck up a conversation, realizing they shared many interests. Over time, their friendship grew, and they eventually started a business together based on their mutual passion for literature and art.

Story 3: The Magical Lottery Ticket

A woman found an old lottery ticket while cleaning her house. To her amazement, the ticket turned out to be a winning one, with a substantial prize. However, the ticket had expired a few days prior. She decided to contact the lottery officials anyway, who were so touched by her honesty that they extended the deadline and awarded her the prize.

Which one do you think is the false story?

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