A to Z Jack Chat 77: 10 Common English Idioms

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack does another Chat where he explains the meanings of ten common English idioms.

  1. Break a leg – This idiom is often used to wish someone good luck before a performance or presentation.
  2. A piece of cake – This idiom means that something is very easy to do.
  3. It’s raining cats and dogs – This idiom means that it’s raining very heavily.
  4. Costs an arm and a leg – This idiom means that something is very expensive.
  5. Hit the nail on the head – This idiom means that someone has correctly identified or addressed a problem.
  6. When pigs fly – This idiom means that something is very unlikely to happen.
  7. Pull someone’s leg – This idiom means to tease or joke with someone in a playful way.
  8. Keep your chin up – This idiom means to stay positive and optimistic during a difficult time.
  9. Let the cat out of the bag – This idiom means to reveal a secret.
  10. Barking up the wrong tree – This idiom means to pursue a mistaken or misguided course of action.

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