A to Z OREO 17: Would you rather always have wet socks or pebbles in your shoes?

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In his episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack decides whether he would rather always have wet socks or pebbles in his shoes.

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4 thoughts on “A to Z OREO 17: Would you rather always have wet socks or pebbles in your shoes?”

  1. Here is my participation for Would you rather always have wet socks or pebbles in your shoes?
    In my opinion, I would rather always have pebbles in my shoes. That is because having always pebbles in my shoes is a little less annoying. For example, in case I have pebbles, I wouldn’t get any terrible smell all the time as the wet socks cause. Any time I have wet socks, I immediately try to take them out because I couldn’t stand them at all. Also as you, Jack mentioned the pebbles which they are, they might move around from time to time while making them less painful and hurting. Finally, maybe the sole of my feet needs something to activate the blood circulation. That’s why I would rather have pebbles in my shoes.

    1. Hey Layla! I agree with you too! I think the smell from always having wet socks and shoes would be terrible. It would do a lot of damage to my feet. I think the pebble might make my feet stronger in the long run. 🙂

  2. Between wearing a shoes with wet socks and having pebbles inside the shoes, I will definitely choose to have pebbles. First of all, wearing something wet is not comfortable at all. Next, walking in shoes that are soaked with water is slippery inside and outside. Lastly, wet socks in wet shoes create an awful smell. In contrast, when there are pebbles in our shoes, it is effortless to handle. Tiny creatures like sand or stone usually will move out from the shoes on their own while we walk. Alternatively, we can just take out our shoes and flip out those pebbles.
    Based on all points mention above, I would rather have pebbles in my shoes than wear wet socks with wet shoes. Eliminating little stones is much easier compared to walking in water.

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