A to Z Quick Tok 10 | Break down and Break up

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In this Quick Tok episode, Jack explains the differences between the phrasal verbs break down and break up.

“Break down” and “Break up”:

“Break down” means to stop working or functioning, usually referring to mechanical or organizational failures. For example: “My car broke down on the highway.”

“Break up” means to end a relationship or to disperse a group of people. For example: “They decided to break up after being together for five years.”

These two phrasal verbs are commonly interchanged, especially in emotional contexts, but they have distinct meanings related to malfunction and relationship endings, respectively. It’s essential to use the correct one depending on the context in which they are being used.

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4 thoughts on “A to Z Quick Tok 10 | Break down and Break up”

  1. Hello Jack, Can Use break down like this sentence?
    My healthy break down this week because weather changed

    My friend married break up it happened they living in different town

    1. Hey Sri! I would slightly modify these examples.

      (Use break down with machines mainly) My car broke down this week because the weather was too cold.

      My friend broke up with his girlfriend. They now live in different towns.

  2. Hello Jack!
    1. I need to buy a new computer due to my current one is broken down.
    2. They broke up after ten years of marriage and have three kids.

    I hope I made my sentences correct.

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