A to Z Quick Tok 14 | Hold the phone!

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In this Quick Tok episode of the podcast, Jack explains the meaning of the idiom “Hold the phone!”

“Hold the phone” is an idiomatic expression that means to stop or wait for a moment, typically in response to surprising or unexpected information or to ask someone to pause or stop what they are doing in order to consider or address something important. It can be used figuratively in conversations to ask for a brief interruption or to indicate that the speaker needs time to process new information before proceeding further with the discussion or action.

For example:

Person A: “I just found out that the concert has been canceled!”

Person B: “Hold the phone, let me double-check the details.”

It’s an informal way of saying “wait a moment” or “hold on” in a more expressive manner.

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  1. Zahira Celia

    Thank you, Jack, for everything you offer us….You are truly a professor in the full sense of the word…and this is an opportunity for us to learn by heart..Thank you again for your great work that has no price.

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