A to Z Quick Tok 19 | Unbelievable True Stories from around the World

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In this Quick Tok episode, Jack discusses three unbelievable true stories from around the world.

The Great Emu War (1932):

In Australia, there was an actual military operation known as the “Great Emu War.” In 1932, a large number of emus (flightless birds) were damaging farmlands, and the government decided to send soldiers armed with machine guns to try to control the emu population. However, the emus proved to be surprisingly agile and difficult targets, and the soldiers were unsuccessful in their attempts to reduce the emu population. The event has become a humorous and unusual episode in Australian history.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident (1959):

A group of experienced hikers in the Ural Mountains of Russia mysteriously died under bizarre circumstances. The hikers’ tent was found torn from the inside, and their bodies were discovered scattered in the snow, some without proper clothing. Theories about what happened range from avalanches to military involvement to supernatural explanations. The true cause of their deaths remains a subject of speculation and intrigue.

The Tunguska Event (1908):

An explosion occurred over the Siberian taiga in Russia, flattening around 2,000 square kilometers of forest. The explosion was estimated to be about 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The exact cause of the explosion is still debated, but it’s widely believed to have been the result of the airburst of a small comet or asteroid, causing a massive explosion upon entering Earth’s atmosphere.

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