A to Z Quick Tok 50 | 3 Ghostly Stories from China

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack shares three ghostly stories from the country of China.

China has a long history of ghostly folklore and legends. Here are three ghostly facts about China:

The Hungry Ghost Festival: The Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Yu Lan Festival, is an important annual event in Chinese culture. It is typically observed in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. During this festival, it is believed that the gates of the underworld are opened, allowing spirits and ghosts to roam freely in the human world. People offer food, incense, and other offerings to appease these spirits and ensure they do not bring bad luck.

The Legend of the Woman in White: In Chinese folklore, the “Woman in White” is a popular ghostly figure. She is often depicted as a spirit who appears to travelers at night, dressed in white and seeking help. Her appearance is often an omen of danger or death. This legend has been the inspiration for various Chinese ghost stories, novels, and films.

The Haunted Great Wall: China’s Great Wall is not only a remarkable architectural wonder but also has its share of ghostly tales. Over the centuries, numerous people have perished during its construction, leading to stories of restless spirits haunting its remote sections. Many visitors and hikers have reported eerie encounters, strange sounds, and apparitions while exploring the Great Wall at night.

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