A to Z This Day in World History | December 22nd

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Here are some major historical events that occurred on December 22:

1807: The Embargo Act, which aimed to force Britain and France to respect American trading rights during the Napoleonic Wars, was signed into law by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson.

1851: The first YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) in North America was established in Montreal, Canada.

1885: Ito Hirobumi, a Japanese statesman, became the first Prime Minister of Japan.

1942: World War II: The Siege of Bastogne began during the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.

1989: Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of the division between East and West Germany, was reopened after nearly 30 years.

2001: Richard Reid attempted to detonate explosives in his shoes on American Airlines Flight 63, but was subdued by passengers and flight attendants

2001: Hamid Karzai was sworn in as the interim leader of Afghanistan, marking the official transition to a new government after the fall of the Taliban.

2008: An ash dike ruptured at a solid waste containment area in Kingston, Tennessee, releasing 5.4 million cubic yards of coal fly ash slurry. It was one of the largest environmental disasters of its kind in the United States.

These events span a range of historical periods and regions, highlighting the diversity of occurrences on December 22 throughout history.

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