A to Z This Day in World History | December 28th

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Here are a few notable occurrences that happened on December 28th:

1832: John C. Calhoun became the first Vice President of the United States to resign, stepping down over differences with President Andrew Jackson.

1846: Iowa became the 29th state to be admitted to the United States.

1895: The Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière, held the first public screening of films in Paris, marking the birth of cinema.

1912: The first municipally owned streetcars began operating in San Francisco.

1945: The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Pledge of Allegiance.

1973: The Endangered Species Act was signed into law by President Richard Nixon.

1981: Elizabeth Jordan Carr, the first American “test-tube baby,” was born in Norfolk, Virginia.

2000: U.S. retail giant Montgomery Ward announced it was going out of business after 128 years.

Remember that these events are just a selection, and there may be other, less widely known events that also occurred on December 28th throughout history.

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