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In this video, Jack reads an original English language short story. You can read along with the story here:

The Adventures of Thumbkin Handley

Once upon a time, in a land called Bodyville, there lived a unique family called the Handleys. In this extraordinary family, each member was a finger, and they all lived happily together. The mother, Mrs. Handley, was an index finger who loved pointing out interesting things. Mr. Handley, the father, was a middle finger who always stood tall and strong. Their daughter, Ringa, was a graceful ring finger adorned with beautiful rings. Lastly, the youngest of them all, Pinky, was a little pinky finger who loved to wiggle and tickle everyone around.

But the most extraordinary of all was Thumbkin Handley, a lively little thumb. Thumbkin was always full of curiosity and adventure. He wondered what life was like beyond the Handleys’ cozy home. One day, Thumbkin made up his mind to go on a walkabout and explore the different parts of the body.

Leaving a note for his family, Thumbkin set off on his grand adventure. He traveled through the Bodyville neighborhood, waving at the other fingers he passed by. He hopped on a blood vessel bus that took him deep into the chest cavity.

As Thumbkin wandered through the chest cavity, he soon found himself lost. His heart raced with worry. Just as he was about to cry for help, he heard a soothing voice.

“Hello there, little traveler. Lost, are you?” said a mysterious fellow named Pan C. Reas. Pan C. Reas had a peaceful demeanor, with a wise smile and a kind face.

“Yes, I am lost,” Thumbkin admitted, his tiny thumb trembling. “I wanted to see the world, but now I don’t know how to find my way back.”

Pan C. Reas placed a hand on Thumbkin’s shoulder and said, “Sometimes, little one, we wander far from where we belong. But remember, there’s nothing more important than family and the special role you have.”

Thumbkin’s eyes widened in surprise. “You know about my family?”

Pan C. Reas chuckled. “Oh, my dear Thumbkin, the whole world knows about the Handleys and their incredible thumbs! Your opposable thumb is a marvel. It allows you to do so many amazing things, like grip objects and create beautiful artwork.”

Thumbkin listened intently, his worries slowly fading away.

“You see,” Pan C. Reas continued, “the world is a vast and fascinating place, but there’s nothing more important than being true to yourself and your family. Your family loves you just the way you are, Thumbkin, and they need you to be the best thumb you can be.”

Thumbkin smiled, realizing the truth in Pan C. Reas’ words. “You’re right. I miss my family, and I’m proud to be a thumb!”

With newfound determination, Thumbkin bid farewell to Pan C. Reas and retraced his steps back through the chest cavity. He hopped on the blood vessel bus once again, and after a thrilling journey, he finally arrived back home in Bodyville.

As Thumbkin entered the cozy Handley household, his family greeted him with open arms. They showered him with hugs and joyful tears, grateful to have him back safely. Thumbkin felt a warmth in his heart that he had never felt before.

From that day forward, Thumbkin Handley embraced his role as a thumb with pride and gratitude. He cherished his family and their unique fingers, realizing that there was indeed nothing more important than being a stupendous, magnificent thumb.

And so, the Handleys lived happily ever after, celebrating the wonders of family and the joy of being who they truly were.

The End.

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