Quick Chat 15: Do you believe in aliens?

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In this episode, Kevin and Jack ask an important question about the universe: are aliens real? You have to listen to find out what their answers are. Share your answers to the discussion questions in our WhatsApp group chat! https://forms.gle/zKCS8y1t9jwv2KTn7

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Key Words:

Universe: all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos

Bacteria: Microscopic single-celled organisms

Expanse: the distance to which something expands or can be expanded.

Sustain: support physically

Intelligent life: beings that can learn and understand things

Finding a needle in a haystack: The act of trying to find something very small in a very large area

Infinitely: without limits; forever

Discussion Questions:
1. Do you believe in aliens?
2. Do you think aliens have visited Earth?
3. Do you want aliens to exist, or would you prefer humans to be alone in the universe?

1 thought on “Quick Chat 15: Do you believe in aliens?”

  1. John Emery NGOYI

    1. No i don’t believe
    2.no i do not
    3.i don’t want aliens to exist, yes i would prefer humans to be alone in the universe.

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