Quick Chat 27: Have you ever seen the rain?

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In this episode, Kevin and Jack relax on a rainy day. Do you like the rain? What’s the rain like where you live? What do you do on a rainy day? Are there any special ‘rainy day’ foods where you are?

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2 thoughts on “Quick Chat 27: Have you ever seen the rain?”

  1. I like rain. When I was a child me and my brother go outside and bath. We sing, play and bath in the rain. We float paper boats as well. My parents weren’t allow us when we had cold or some illness. On that days me and my sibilings come near our windows and watch outside and enjoy raining. That was an amazing experience. Also my father fry popcorns and we eat together, we read books or play indoor games. Anyone can’t go outside while raining. So we chat together and it’s a very good chance make understanding among family members. My childhood and rain are inseparable.

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