Jack Walks 04: Homophones

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack teaches you some common homophones and explains the differences between them.

“Waste” and “Waist” – “Waste” refers to something that is no longer useful or needed, or to using more resources than necessary. “Waist” is the part of the body between the ribs and hips.

“Bear” and “Bare” – “Bear” can mean a large mammal that eats meat and fish, or to carry or support weight. “Bare” means uncovered or exposed, without any covering or clothing.

“Complementary” and “complimentary” are two words that are often confused because they have similar spellings and pronunciations. However, they have different meanings.

“Complementary” means that two or more things go well together or enhance each other’s qualities. For example, a spicy sauce may be complementary to a mild dish, or two colors may be complementary when they look good together.

On the other hand, “Complimentary” means to express praise or admiration towards someone or something, or to offer something for free. For example, a complimentary ticket to a show means that the ticket is given for free as a gesture of goodwill, or a compliment about someone’s work means that the person is being praised for their efforts.

So, “complementary” refers to something that completes or enhances another thing, while “complimentary” refers to something that is given as a gift or to show appreciation.

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