Quick Tips | Minimal pairs with the sounds /p/ and /b/

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Xochitl and Jack discuss minimal pairs. They focus on the /p/ and /b/ sounds.

Minimal pairs are pairs of words that differ by only one phoneme and have different meanings. Here are some minimal pairs with the sounds /b/ and /p/:

bat / pat

ball / Paul

bin / pin

bark / park

bat / pat

ban / pan

bet / pet

bake / pake

best / pest

bow / pow

buy / pie

big / pig

boat / coat

back / pack

beach / peach

These minimal pairs illustrate how a single phoneme change can result in completely different words and meanings. The /b/ and /p/ sounds are distinguished primarily by their voicing: /b/ is voiced, while /p/ is voiceless.

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