Vocabulary Spotlight | 3 Expressions using the word “point”

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Point At

Meaning: To direct someone’s attention to something by extending a finger or other object towards it.


Example 1: “She pointed at the painting on the wall.”

Example 2: “The teacher pointed at the map to show us where the country is located.”

Point Out

Meaning: To bring something to someone’s attention, often by mentioning or highlighting it.


Example 1: “He pointed out the errors in the document.”

Example 2: “I’d like to point out that we need to finish this project by Friday.”


Meaning (Adjective): Sharp or having a sharp end.


Example 1: “The pencil has a pointed tip.”

Meaning (Adjective – Figurative): Direct and often critical or indicating something explicitly.

Example 2: “She made a pointed remark about his tardiness.”

Meaning (Past Tense Verb): Past tense of the verb “point.”


Example 1: “He pointed towards the exit.”

Example 2: “She pointed at the star in the sky.”

To summarize:

Point at: A physical gesture directing attention.

Point out: An action of indicating or highlighting information.

Pointed: Can describe a physical attribute (sharpness) or imply a direct/critical comment. As a verb, it is the past tense of “point.”

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