Vocabulary Spotlight | Expressions using the word “dead”

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Xochitl and Jack explain the meanings of several expressions which use the word “dead.”

Dead on: This phrase means exactly accurate or precise. For example:

“You were dead on with your prediction about the outcome of the game.”

“Her aim was dead on, hitting the target every time.”

Dead to rights: This expression refers to being caught red-handed or being unmistakably guilty of something. For example:

“The thief was caught dead to rights with the stolen goods in his possession.”

“She was caught cheating on the exam, caught dead to rights by the teacher.”

Dead as a doornail: This phrase is used to emphasize that something is completely lifeless or inactive. For example:

“After the accident, the engine was dead as a doornail.”

“The party was so dull, it felt dead as a doornail within minutes.”

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