A to Z Am I the Jerk? 27 | Am I the jerk for calling out a team member in front of the group?

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You’re part of a group project at work, and it’s been a challenging and stressful assignment. The deadline is approaching, and you’ve all been working long hours to complete it. One of your team members, Sarah, has been contributing significantly less than everyone else and frequently missing important meetings, causing delays and added stress for the team.

Frustrated by Sarah’s lack of commitment, you decided to speak up during a team meeting and point out her lack of effort and the negative impact it’s had on the project. You made it clear that you believe her actions are jeopardizing the project’s success.

Sarah looked hurt and embarrassed after your comments, and the rest of the team went quiet. The team leader thanked you for your honesty but suggested discussing the issue privately next time.

Now you’re wondering if you were in the wrong for calling Sarah out in front of the team, or if you were justified in expressing your frustration about her lack of effort.

Do you believe you’re the jerk in this situation?

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