A to Z Idioms 31 | Idioms with “Witch”

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In this episode of The A to Z English Podcast, Jack explains the meanings of three idioms which use the word “witch.”

Witch hunt: Refers to a campaign or investigation that targets a person or a group unfairly, often with the intent of finding wrongdoing, even if there is little or no evidence of it. Example: “The political scandal turned into a witch hunt, with everyone searching for a scapegoat.”

Witching hour: This phrase is often used to describe the late night or early morning hours when supernatural events are believed to be more likely to occur. Example: “Strange things always seem to happen during the witching hour.”

Witch’s brew: Refers to a mixture of various substances, often in a messy or confusing manner. Example: “The experiment turned into a witch’s brew of chemicals and reactions.”

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